Welcome to The Manuel of Style! If You are trying to figure this wiki Out, Then this page will Help you. If You want to know our Rules, The visit our Rules.



Files that are Excepted here Are .Png and .Jpg and .GIF. Png are much more preferred though since they are of higher quality.

We are not strict on this.

Note: GIF files must be uploaded with an Admin's permission, Or to be used on the Emoticons Page.

You can Add GIF files with out even uploading. Just enter the File's URL address to the Page (Only on User Pages).

Pages Set Up


Pages are How the wiki tells about Certain characters. Any One can set up a Page. First, Look at how a Similar page is Set up. If necessary, Copy a source of the Infobox to add it to the Next page.



We use a Special info box set up by Shayshayrip. The Info box will give out a Detailed description of the Character in question. Take Note of the Kovu infobox.



Stub articles are Articles with less then 900 Bytes. The Stub template can only be added if the page has that Many Bytes.

Actor's Pages

Coming Soon!

User's Pages


User pages must Be kept clean. They shouldn't be Saying things like " Ohhh! Kiara is SoOoOoOoOoOo Sexy!" Instead, Leave out Your favorite Characters, Or Friends, Or just about anything!

What shouldn't Be on a User Page:

  • First Thing Listed
  • I saw a Naked Girl Yesterday.
  • Nala is a Bitch
  • Simba should drop dead
  • I hate u
  • Kovu is bad-ass
  • This wiki is a waste of time.