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Return to Pride Rock is a Audio/CD Soundtrack that contains all the Songs from The Lion King II Simba's Pride. It also contains songs inspired by It, Too.


  1. He Lives in You
  2. We Are One
  3. Upendi
  4. One of Us
  5. My Lullaby
  6. Love Will Find a Way
  7. We are One (Reprise/Preformed by Angélique Kidjo)
  8. She Believes in You (Preformed By Lebo M)
  9. Song for The Children(Preformed By Lebo M)
  10. I Want to See the Moon (Performed by Lebo M with Sharon Dee)
  11. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Preformed By Lebo M)
  12. Love Will Find a Way (Reprise/Edited/performed by Heather Headley and Kenny Lattimore)


The Cover has a Major Goof on the front. For Example:

  • Mufasa and Sarabi-Should be Simba and Nala
  • Young Simba and Nala-Should be Kiara and Kovu
  • Ethier Shezi, Banzi, Or Ed on cover-Did not Appere in Film, Only mentioned.
  • Scar-Should be Zira
  • Zazu apperes Two times on cover(Flying, And Standing)-Only should appere Once.


  • That is Mufasa and Sarabi on the cover